Anna Tosney

Limited edition monoprint Yorkshire Collie Dogs

Anna Tosney is a Yorkshire based artist and printmaker, who specialises in drypoint and mono-print techniques. Anna works from her studio in Skipton, North Yorkshire, although when not in her studio she can, in her own words, “often be found stalking farmers and admiring sheep and cattle.” The inspiration for Anna’s pieces are derived from her surroundings, as she explains “ My inspiration comes from the world around me – The changing weather and seasons, the animals in the fields, the birds in the trees, the farmers and drystone wallers at work.” 

“I have experimented a lot in the field of printmaking and have developed a method of monoprinting using drypoint and monotype techniques. I also sometimes work with collagraph plates. The ink I use is a soy based ink, making it kinder to the environment and to me!

Anna both sells her work directly from her North Yorkshire Studio, and also exhibits her pieces in a variety of galleries across the UK.