Charles Edward

Charles Edward is a local Devon based artist and potter, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, who fell in love with pottery aged 27 after initially training as a chef. After returning to college to study graphic design, Charles then tried ceramics and was instantly hooked, deciding to change his degree to Three Dimensional Design in order to become a potter. In particular, Charles is interested in Raku and stoneware, explaining how he “saw some crystalline glazing and loved it so decided I needed to do crystalline. I love the effects you can achieve from Raku and Crystalline, the excitement of not knowing exactly what you are going to get as every one will be different.”

Charles graduated from Plymouth University in 2017 and has been throwing pots since then. An important consideration for him is that his work to be affordable to all, his belief is that “the appreciation of pottery is far more valuable than the price you pay for it and that everyone should be able to appreciate it.”