Mint Source

My Story

Hi I’m Pam, owner and ceramic artist, based here in my own Art Gallery
and Art Studio in Newton Abbot, Devon.

When I lost my Dad late 2016, my creative spirit left too. He wasn’t my inspiration, he wasn’t
a great artist himself but throughout his 10 year battle against the blood cancer Myeloma,
he built up his community, a wonderful support network around himself and my Mum.

They went to church together every week, although I swear his wasn’t religious, he attended
local forums, an art group…being the artist in the family I got all his pictures when he passed,
they are no masterpieces, they just make me smile, he never did listen to my advice on mixing
colours, so the colours are bright, block areas of colour, he didn’t even use the right papers for
the media he was working in, so some of the pictures are crumpled by the watercolours he used.

He kept showing up for the art sessions and would occasionally share his creations when we
visited with some comedy jibe attached.

I remember him showing me a pencil sketch he’d drawn of Mum as she sat, unsuspectedly
watching the TV one evening, probably relaxed yet looking mournful, stating “That’s not
how you want to be captured is it?”

For me it speaks volumes of him, he never went to learn anything at the art group, I’m not sure
it was even a tutored class, just an opportunity to go meet people and create some art. He kept
showing up, kept making pictures, he probably went to forget his condition and just share time
with other people he liked.

What did I do when he died, I stopped, something left me because I’ve felt numb ever since, I’ve
spoken to therapists who’ve told me I’m not grieving, I know I’m healthy but yet why does it always feel
like there’s grey cloud above me? I remember a childhood TV show called The Flumps and a particular
episode called ‘The Cloud’ where one of the fluffy characters called Perkin was in a right old bad mood,
where he/she feels all wrong and ‘Umpty’…I think that’s a great word for explaining the feeling when
I lost my Dad…a great combination of feeling Empty and Unhappy all in one go!

I dipped in and out of making things, attended workshops, completed courses to improve my skills but
I’d lost my focus, my reason for creating had left me too!

I knew I loved clay, I also knew I loved drawing and painting but I no longer knew what I wanted to create.
I still made things but nothing made my heart sing!

I still have some pictures that I created whilst sat beside my Dad. We’d found something we both enjoyed doing…
I was in my late twenties having completed an Art Degree and he was just drawing for fun. He always complimented
me on my final work of art and I would suggest ideas for creating textures, enhancing light and shade, always
finding positives in his creations too! Neither of us were perfect artists but we enjoyed creating together!

So when my Dad passed away, my creative purpose passed too! I was a Mum by then, my much loved son and only
grandchild to my parents. I  was kept busy, I was needed and my time was filled.

My comedy mentor, my hat wearing partner, my Dad was no longer there but I had a family of my own to care for.
I always believed things happen for a reason but will never understand why he had to suffer and leave us.

Nothing can prepare you for losing any parent. I’m not sure any of us truly believed or wanted to accept how limited
his time was with us, you just always presume they’ll be there. Maybe he still is, maybe the errors I find in my own
artwork are his contribution, making sure that I laugh at my own mistakes, don’t take my work too seriously and
always find something good in the end result.

In 2017, as I was returning from swimming with my son, I saw an opportunity, a vacant shop for rent and it immediately
made my heart sing, a perfect space to create in and an opportunity for others to share the space that's where the
mint creative studio began!


My Mission

My Mission is to reconnect with the memories of my childhood and memories
of my Dad through my art and help others to reconnect to what they love too!

Mint Creative Studio is a creative space, hosting an array of workshops, providing the
opportunity for everyone to have a go at something new!

We also sell artists work, when you buy from us - the artist gets paid too and we all do
a little dance, some internally, some the full Can Can!

We all thank you for your continued support!



Laura Taylor

During the Summer holidays my son has very much enjoyed popping along to the studios for the Clay sessions. These have been well led, supportive and have encouraged his creative side to flourish and grow. Most importantly he has really enjoyed time with friends and making memories from clay!

Nessie Austin

Loved visiting Pam at the studio; a beautiful space brimming with local talent and a wonderful creative curator.

Sarah Edmonds

We loved it! Family participants ranged in ages through 4, 7, 10, 13 and adult.
We are looking forward to going back to see our work in progress in the next phase.
Pam was a wonderful host and clearly a wealth of knowledge…