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Next Steps in Pottery…

This year, I have seen some amazing ceramic creations come out of the kiln, I’ve also seen a few that have exploded too!

Some people have joined us week on week and continue to learn something new about working or playing with clay.

There’s nothing more heart warming…in my opinion to open that kiln…when it’s slowly cooled down and see those creations come to life through each stage. Pottery is a long process so those of you who are more impatient, may find this frustrating…waiting days for it to dry (or slowing the drying down in the heat we’ve had) Repairing cracks, referring glazes which don’t go to plan or gluing on a piece that has fallen off.
We potters get frustrated too, sometimes we feel a piece is ruined because the glaze didn’t go to plan but we also love the unpredictability and I promise you that with practice we get more and more wow moments!

We’re thrilled to offer our first 10 week tutored course started this month and we now have 5 ladies from Newton Abbot that have stepped up to the challenge of learning something new, from our pottery expert Stuart. Stuart used to run the pottery course for Brigham College and we're proud to have him on board to delivery this and future courses here at Mint Creative Studio.

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