Pages of The Sea

Pages of the Sea

On 11th November, I along with 4 artists who frequent Mint Creative Studio were privileged to be asked take part in Danny Boyle’s ‘Pages of The Sea’ event, led by The Eden Project on one of my favourite beaches, Saunton Sands, Devon.


Article 1 The artists involved were trained in specialist Sand Art techniques used by ‘Sand in Your Eye’ and led by Lead artists we created the shadow of the face of Captain Ralph Carmine … who we affectionately called ‘Ralphy’ throughout the day.

The weather was kind, with expected blustery, coastal winds and heartwarming, beautiful sunshine. The day was emotional as people visited, told their stories and left their own stencilled impression of a soldier on the sand.


At 11am we gathered around the commemorative 100 board for 2 minutes silence with current servicemen who volunteered and assisted with the public events.


At 4pm, the crowds gathered around ‘Ralph’s’ portrait as local drummers appeared from the sand dunes and beat out an emotional rendition of our own Devon drum beat, increasing in sound and size as fellow drummers strolled across to join them.

Local school children read the poem ‘ ‘ from the four corners of the portrait completing the…


The meandering tide, took longer than expected to move up to steal away our portrait, initially washing away the soldier shadows before a freak wave wiped out half of ‘Ralphy’s’ face and soon after washed it away in it’s entirety and chased the artists up the beach in a final farewell! It would have been wrong to leave without seeing the finale, the sea finally taking our men away, washing away our memories as well as our prided artwork. I’ve never felt emotion like it, overwhelmed by the thanks we received from the public for conducting the event. Words cannot express the full experience, the solidarity, compassion, love and the team spirit of everyone involved. It was a life changing beautiful day that I will remember for years to come.


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Credit image: Freeform Images

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